Site Visits / As-builts

Independent System Checks

The reliability and long-term availability of customer UPS and Battery Charger systems is our main focus, whether it's our own or third-party equipment. That's why we offers manufacturer-independent system checks. This includes power input measurements, battery checks or includes system checks of various other control parameters that are relevant to the state of the UPS & Battery Charger system.

Tasks we perform
  • Conduct Site Survey
  • Laying of Cable & Conduits
  • Interconnection of Cables crimping/lugging
  • Check out and verify proper operation of battery charger with supplied instructions
  • Set and verify battery Low, High, and Ground Alarm functions
  • Verify circuit breaker shunt trip function (battery isolator).
  • Verify all volt/amp meters are calibrated and correct.
  • Take adequate precautions to ensure that a failure will not jeopardize other systems or equipment.
  • Providing Load bank with variac to provide constant current discharge sized to battery capacity, D. C. ammeter, D. C. voltmeter, and timing clock.